Now for the FIRST TIME EVER, you can learn The Ben Hogan"SECRET" that produced "Superior Ball Striking Skills"


In 1946, Ben Hogan had a new idea. This new idea would become Ben Hogan's "SECRET". Ben Hogan would become the greatest ball striker of all time with his "SECRET". In 1955 Ben Hogan would reveal his "SECRET" to the golfing world but his explanation of his "SECRET" has caused it to remain a Mystery. Now with the use of 3-D golf swing analysis software, Ben Hogan's "SECRET" has been revealed and The Swing Factor designed to train and ingrain it.


The Swing Factor™ is a Patented Golf Swing Trainer designed to Train and Ingrain Ben Hogan's "SECRET" producing superior ball striking skills. The Swing Factor™ also Trains and Ingrains a Correct Grip, Precision Wrist Set, On Plane Back Swing, Back Swing Width, On Plane Down Swing, The Pro Slot, Perfect Impact, Follow Through and Finish.

The Swing Factor™" provides both visual and feel references for perfect practice, fixing golf swing faults The Over-The-Top Move, Scooping, Flipping, Slicing and Hooking. You can practice in your home, office, at the driving range, or even at the golf course with the confidence of training the correct motor skills that will put you in the correct positions throughout your golf swing. The Swing Factor™ is designed to work with all golfers from beginners to tour pros.

The Swing Factor™ is so effective at training Ben Hogan's "SECRET" that every golfer we tested using The Swing Factor™ improved their ball striking in just "MINUTES"! We tested a 14 handicap golfer who never could break 80 and he achieved this goal in just 10 days using The Swing Factor™. The Swing Factor™ is the "ONE & ONLY" US Patented Golf Swing Trainer that Trains Ben Hogan's "SECRET". Try The Swing Factor™ Risk-Free for 30 days and improve your ball striking like never before or your Money Back Guaranteed.

Designed by Inventor / Professional Golf Instructor: John Rohan-Weaver

"The Game Changer in Golf"

John Rohan-Weaver's US Patented Golf Swing Trainers - The Swing Factor™, The Power Drive Pro™, The Power Angle Pro™, The Power Release™, The Plane Stik™ & The Pure Swing™, are endorsed and in the hands helping many of Golf Digest Top 50, Golf Magazine Top 100, GolfTEC, PGA, LPGA, Instructors along with the PGA, LPGA, EUROPEAN, CHAMPIONS, WEB.COM & CELEBRITY Tour Players, Major Winners & Thousands of Amateur Golfers.

Below are a few names from our list you might recognize.

Martin Hall G.S.E.M. PGA West Palm Beach, FL Dr. Jim Suttie PGA Lemont, IL Ben Doyle R.I.P. G.S.E.D. PGA Carmel, CA Rick Grayson PGA Springfield, MO Chuck Winsted PGA Baton Rouge, LA Ty Walker Golf Tec Denver, CO Brian Moog PGA Tour Player Orlando, FL David Leadbetter Golf Academy Davenport, FL Carol Mann LPGA Hall of Fame The Woodlands, TX Dana Radar LPGA Charlotte, NC Bill Skelley G.S.E.M. Niceville, FL Joe Thiel PGA Olympia, WA Chuck Evans G.S.E.D. PGA St. Augustine, FL George Kelnhofer G.S.E.D. PGA Duluth, GA Jim McLean Golf Schools Miami, FL Steve Elkington PGA Tour Player Australia Phil Mickelson PGA Tour Player USA Joe Biden Vice President Donald Trump President Golf Digest Schools PGA San Diego, CA Mike Blackburn PGA Ponte Vedra, FL Cooper Osborne G.S.E.M. PGA Jacksonville Beach, FL Bill McKinney G.S.E.M. PGA Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Rick Smith Golf Academy Gaylord, MI Craig Shankland PGA Ormond Beach, FL Norrie Wright G.S.E.D. Jacksonville, FL Brian Manzella G.S.E.D New Orleans, LA John McMahon PGA Hilton Head, SC Chris Holmes G.S.E.B. PGA Heathrow, FL Tom Patri PGA Naples, FL BJ Hathaway Augusta Golf Instruction Augusta, GA

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Ben Hogan's Secret 3-D

"I purchased the swing factor and after just one practice session at the driving range, I was crushing my drives like never before. I have played to a 14 handicap most of my adult life never breaking 80. After using The Swing Factor for just 10 days I finally broke 80. I highly recommend The Swing Factor as it truly works".

Frank Gillian - Amateur Golfer Handicap 14